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What Happens When an Ex-new Ager, an Ex-atheist and a Christian Intellectual Form a Friendship? The Godspiracy Podcast is born…

Our Mission

This podcast explores the notion that the existence of a God could perhaps be the ultimate conspiracy of our time.

Each episode will be a deep dive into controversial and relevant topics that deal with the social and cultural issues that attack the legitimacy and relevancy of God in the 21st century.

Each episode features a guest who is a world renowned expert in their field of study, and research.

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Meet The Hosts

Kate Gray

Kate Gray


After starting a search for the truth at 8 years old Kate has had a rollercoaster of a journey to find the ‘truth’. From the ages of 8 to 21 she sought the truth in the Uniting Church, Catholic Church, Various Pentecoastal Churches and spent 6 years as a Jehovah’s Witness.

After being dis-fellowshipped (kicked out) of the Jeovah’s Witness organization at 21 she then spiraled into a life of drugs and partying.

After holding her father’s hand when he died, she cleaned up her life and headed into the new age and eastern religion movements.

Over 20 years she studied buddhism, sat many plant medicine ceremonies with shamans, studied various types of meditation, studied under many different advaita gurus, became a yoga teacher, worshiped the Goddess Kali, studied vedanta and all things esoteric.

Even becoming a prominent leader and coach in the spiritual development movement, running retreats all over the world teaching others the same type of practices left her feeling empty or with only temporary satisfaction.
She never found what she was looking for, and felt she and others in the community were left spinning endlessly.

In 2022, she divorced the new age communities, practices and commenced her next journey of disproving the spiritual validity, the Bible and a Christian God. Her plan was to work her way through each religion until she could disprove it, and that there was any meaning to life at all. Christainty was first up!

She found many things on this journey that have shocked and surprised her, as well as opened up many more rabbit holes then she ever imagined and this was the key factor in the Godspiracy Podcast being born.

Her desire for the podcast is to take the earnest truth seeking listener on her journey of discovering the unimaginable truth. She doesn’t profess to be an expert in anything, simply a earnest lifelong seeker of the truth who is unraveling it one episode at a time.

Kate now travels the world with her partner, their dog Sunny and runs her successful 7 figure business coaching company that supports coaches and consultants in scaling successful online businesses.

David Cvelbar

David Cvelbar


David Cvelbar was raised in Queensland by parents who embraced the New Age movement. On car trips up until his teenage years he was indoctrinated with the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks and other new age “gurus”.

After watching his parents suffer because they believed if they talked and acted a certain way everything would work out, he became an atheist as he knew this was untrue. Without having a sense of right and wrong, and nothing to believe in, life began to have no meaning for him.

David found himself connecting with Christians who were a breath of fresh air, however he started to question their faith as well, particularly after losing his role model and mentor cricket coach who died of a heart attack at age 50. His Christian friends could comprehend and deal with this loss but he couldn’t.

This took him on a journey of investigating whether science really had dethroned God as the Creator, and every rabbit hole he went down blew him away as he discovered the truth was the opposite of everything he’d been taught. He then realised his belief in nothing was being challenged. After trying to disprove that Jesus existed, or was resurrected, or even that evolution happened by random chance, he found so much proof to the contrary that he ran out of avenues to explore.

There was one piece of scripture that stuck out. It said if you didn’t have faith it was impossible to replace God, and even the demons believe in God and they tremble. He knew he was in the group of demons and that wasn’t a good place to be. This brought him to the realisation that God is real, Jesus is the King of this universe and he’d better do something about that, so proceeded to study many religions.

David is the director of two successful health care businesses, one in physiotherapy (his specialty) and the other a disability support company.

He is happily married with a 1 year old son who has already taught him that life is fragile and can be taken away in a flash, after a serious choking incident.

His intention is to help people who question right from wrong in the world to see it for what it really is, and help them to know the true and living God who so many have tried to stop them from meeting.

Rick Quinn

Rick Quinn


Rick Quinn was born and raised in Southern California. He began reading Christian theology, after becoming a Christian as a teenager.

He completed academic work focused on modern intellectual history (Covenant College; B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies), contemporary Protestant theology (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; M.A., Religion), and business and international law (Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; J.D., Law).

For nearly 20 years, he has worked as a lawyer focused on U.S. administrative and trade law involving business consulting with clients in more than 100 countries, as an active trader in global financial markets, and as a 1:1 coach with business and trading clients.

He has been active in various Reformed churches for more than 25 years and enjoys studying Christian theology, apologetics (defenses of the Christian faith), philosophy, behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, communication theory, and other matters of general intellectual interest.

On the podcast, he hopes to be a compassionate listener, to ask helpful questions, and to be a productive conversation partner.

He lives in Australia with his family and serves in a local Reformed congregation.

The Godspiracy Podcast

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This podcast explores the notion that the existence of a God could perhaps be the ultimate conspiracy of our time.